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So, um, I'm going to do my second sprint tri this summer, on my honeymoon no less, and hopefully my first oly later this summer.

Which means I've been practising my swimming, and have gotten reasonably comfortable swimming the requisite 1.4K distance without exhausting myself or having trouble breathing. And in goggles and a rubber cap, neither of which I was used to wearing.

I managed it in 40 minutes yesterday, which is a big improvement over what it would have been last year had I even bothered to swim this distance regularly.

So far, so normal, right? Normal beginner time, normal beginner learning curve. Only one odd thing - my chosen style is breaststroke...

Now, here in Germany that's teh default; that's what you learn when you learn to swim, and any German who will tell you "ich kann schwimmen" meaning 'I know how to get from Point A to Point B in the water' will mean by that a more or less leisurely breaststroke, head above water, hair mostly dry. Which is how I swam all my life, and I figured I'd be better off improving something I already know how to do than learning something from scratch in the time I have.

Granted, I've spent the last couple of months learning how to do proper speedy breaststroke (which, to my surprise, actually has a sizeable gliding phase) that involves getting your head wet and establishing a breathing rhythm (in my case, with the help of a little four-bar riff I hum. Yes, I hum while I swim. Underwater.). And while I don't claim to be dolphin-like in the water at all, at least I now resemble a fairly capable manatee (what? They sing too ;). And outswim the more leisurely folks at the pool easily now.

One thing I'm a little concerned about, though, is the fact that my sprint tri will be in the US where I'm told nobody swims like that. Now, while I understand that there is no prescribed swimming style for the tri I'm doing... how exotic do you think I'll be, doing breaststroke when everyone's swimming freestyle, i.e. crawl?

One advantage I can see is that as a breaststroker (um, yeah. I like stroking breasts too. *grin*) I get to see where I'm going at every stroke so the risk of swimming into people is somewhat reduced, but I wonder whether I'll be the only one?

Americans? What's your take?
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