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It's triathlete's life for meeeee...

Well, a pirate's too, on account of, you know, being married to one, but I dare say that things have changed since my dear one moved in with me and started taking over my life! :)

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Spring training and summer plans

Hi Triathletes!

Longer, photo-heavy posts to follow but it's time to start this comm up again.

I'm training for the Eagleman Tri (1/2 Ironman - that makes me only 1/2 crazy) on June 12.

What are you all getting ready for? What's the easiest thing about training, what's the most difficult for you?

For me the hardest part is finding enough time in the week between working full time and settling in to a new country (and new wife :-D ) to get enough training in.
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Odd swimming question

So, um, I'm going to do my second sprint tri this summer, on my honeymoon no less, and hopefully my first oly later this summer.

Which means I've been practising my swimming, and have gotten reasonably comfortable swimming the requisite 1.4K distance without exhausting myself or having trouble breathing. And in goggles and a rubber cap, neither of which I was used to wearing.

I managed it in 40 minutes yesterday, which is a big improvement over what it would have been last year had I even bothered to swim this distance regularly.

So far, so normal, right? Normal beginner time, normal beginner learning curve. Only one odd thing - my chosen style is breaststroke...

Now, here in Germany that's teh default; that's what you learn when you learn to swim, and any German who will tell you "ich kann schwimmen" meaning 'I know how to get from Point A to Point B in the water' will mean by that a more or less leisurely breaststroke, head above water, hair mostly dry. Which is how I swam all my life, and I figured I'd be better off improving something I already know how to do than learning something from scratch in the time I have.

Granted, I've spent the last couple of months learning how to do proper speedy breaststroke (which, to my surprise, actually has a sizeable gliding phase) that involves getting your head wet and establishing a breathing rhythm (in my case, with the help of a little four-bar riff I hum. Yes, I hum while I swim. Underwater.). And while I don't claim to be dolphin-like in the water at all, at least I now resemble a fairly capable manatee (what? They sing too ;). And outswim the more leisurely folks at the pool easily now.

One thing I'm a little concerned about, though, is the fact that my sprint tri will be in the US where I'm told nobody swims like that. Now, while I understand that there is no prescribed swimming style for the tri I'm doing... how exotic do you think I'll be, doing breaststroke when everyone's swimming freestyle, i.e. crawl?

One advantage I can see is that as a breaststroker (um, yeah. I like stroking breasts too. *grin*) I get to see where I'm going at every stroke so the risk of swimming into people is somewhat reduced, but I wonder whether I'll be the only one?

Americans? What's your take?
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Triathlon, running, martial arts and knees


I did my first triathlon - sprint distance - at the end of August, and frankly I'm getting all ahead of myself and thinking Ironman thoughts one day. Anyway. It was great fun and I finished in under two hours, and didn't walk, and this pleases me, given my ambition was to finish at all.

I also did a 7 km road run recently, and I've been doing Shotokan karate (traditional style, legendarily hard on the knees) for a few years, and I've recently taken up capoeira. So I'm slightly worried that my knees are going to explode. I get some pain when I've clearly overworked them, but it's not chronic or anything.

I know the glucosamine-chondroitin combo is supposed to be good, but I don't eat fish, and I'd rather not take it on ethical grounds. (No judgement implied of people who do take it, and I don't really want to get into a discussion about my diet - it's just not right for me.)

I've got in the habit of wearing elasticated bandages to support my knees when running or doing karate, though I've also heard that they can do more harm than good, so I'm a bit nervous about that now.

I've heard one cause of knee pain in runners is weak quadriceps compared to hamstrings, so I figure I can hit the (horrible horrible difficult painful) machine at the gym where you sit and straighten your legs against the weights. (And frankly I need better quads for my karate anyway.) And I've heard running backwards can sort of balance things out if you've worked one set of muscles around your knees too hard, and helps you maintain fitness without making things worse.

Any other ideas?
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Race Report - Dilloman Sprint Tri 2010

When last I posted to this community, I was struggling with motivation. Despite feeling not entirely prepared, I went ahead and did the Dilloman yesterday and I'm happy to report that I had a great race!

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Struggling with motivation

I came out of my last race on a natural high -- my times for that race were the best I've ever had, the event was super fun and I was highly motivated. But in the interim, I've had job stress and long days at work, a fun vacation that resulted in me missing 5 days of real training, and bad weather at home that's kept me off my bike. I typically follow a training plan where I do my longest training sessions 2-3 weeks out from the race and I missed most of those sessions entirely!

I was really questioning whether I even wanted to do the next tri I'd planned, but I made myself register this morning. Yesterday I did a short ride on the stationary bike at the gym (since the weather here was still awful) and this morning I swam half a mile. But if I'm not going to crash and burn on the 18th, I need to stick with it and not let myself drop any more training sessions!

Any tips or tricks for when you're struggling with motivation and kind of bored with your training routine?
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Okay, so I wasn't 43rd

The final results are in, and apparently they managed to miss an entire age group in the gender ranking or something because I'm a much more realistic 61st out of 117 women finishers. Still 4th out of 8 W35s though. Still proud, for a first-timer :)
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Frankfurt City Triathlon - Sprint Distance... I finished! \o/

So today I did my first triathlon, the Frankfurt City triathlon. Which, coincidentally, was not only my first tri but also the organisers' first tri. Unfortunately, the latter fact became rather unfavourably evident at various points before and after the actual race, but the event itself went smoothly, at least for me.

I did the sprint distance, billed here as the "Everyman's Triathlon", consisting of 400 metres of swimming, 13.8 kilometres on the bike and then 5 kilometres of running.

Actually, I began to very much doubt the "Everyman" billing yesterday when I went to check my bike in because my Randy was virtually the only one with flat bars and sturdy aluminium tubes; everywhere around was bristling with slender steel and carbon fibre and drop handlebars and tyres thinner than my finger. Still, for all that she looks like a big girl, she has roadbike gearing and rigidity, and much like the woman riding her, is capable of more than you'd think at first glance.

I finished in the top half of the Everywomen (43rd out of 116 finishers if I remember correctly), and smack in the middle of my age group! (4th out of 8 women in the 35-40 range)


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Getting Started

Let's talk about getting started as a triathlete!

1. What gear do you need to start training and to do your first event?

2. Do you have a recommended training routine?

3. Tell us about your first tri - what do you wish you'd known? What would/did you do differently next time?

4. Sprint or Oly for your first tri?
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Welcome to the [community profile] tri_me community! To get the ball rolling, we'd love for you to post an introduction, telling everyone a little bit about yourself and what you'd like to get out of the community. Are you a beginner? An experienced triathlete? Are you training for a race now? Have pictures or race stories from a recent event to share?