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When last I posted to this community, I was struggling with motivation. Despite feeling not entirely prepared, I went ahead and did the Dilloman yesterday and I'm happy to report that I had a great race!

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So today I did my first triathlon, the Frankfurt City triathlon. Which, coincidentally, was not only my first tri but also the organisers' first tri. Unfortunately, the latter fact became rather unfavourably evident at various points before and after the actual race, but the event itself went smoothly, at least for me.

I did the sprint distance, billed here as the "Everyman's Triathlon", consisting of 400 metres of swimming, 13.8 kilometres on the bike and then 5 kilometres of running.

Actually, I began to very much doubt the "Everyman" billing yesterday when I went to check my bike in because my Randy was virtually the only one with flat bars and sturdy aluminium tubes; everywhere around was bristling with slender steel and carbon fibre and drop handlebars and tyres thinner than my finger. Still, for all that she looks like a big girl, she has roadbike gearing and rigidity, and much like the woman riding her, is capable of more than you'd think at first glance.

I finished in the top half of the Everywomen (43rd out of 116 finishers if I remember correctly), and smack in the middle of my age group! (4th out of 8 women in the 35-40 range)


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Let's talk about getting started as a triathlete!

1. What gear do you need to start training and to do your first event?

2. Do you have a recommended training routine?

3. Tell us about your first tri - what do you wish you'd known? What would/did you do differently next time?

4. Sprint or Oly for your first tri?


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