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When last I posted to this community, I was struggling with motivation. Despite feeling not entirely prepared, I went ahead and did the Dilloman yesterday and I'm happy to report that I had a great race!

This race is located at the same county park outside of Austin where I did my previous tri. I knew the swim was longer than the previous one (750m vs. 500), but I was expecting the same bike and run courses. It turned out that both were different, although they covered some of the same terrain. The other big change was the weather -- it was significantly cooler for the first part of the race, although by the run, it was 95 degrees or more.

The swim was open water in a relatively shallow cove on Lake Travis. This was the longest swim course I've done since the Danskin in June and it definitely felt harder than my last two races. I've had bad allergies all week and my nose was stopped up - between difficulty breathing and adrenalin, I struggled with breath control. Also my goggles fogged up badly, which was a bit disorienting (at one point I completely lost track of the buoy marking the second turn - luckily there were volunteers in the water who assured me I was heading in the right direction!). Despite my difficulties, I shaved about 2 minutes off the times I've been hitting in training, so I was pleased with that. I also learned my lesson from the last race and kept a pair of flip-flops by the exit from the swim course so I wouldn't have to run bare footed into transition (during the last race, I got about 10 burrs in my feet and had to stop and pick them all out before I put on my socks and shoes).

The bike course was 2 laps of a very hilly course on park roads. There was one absolutely killer hill that kicked my butt -- imagine me wobbling up the hill in granny gear, in real fear that I was going to fall over (it was a bit nervewracking after the first time knowing that I was going to have to do it again!). I came off the swim breathing hard, and I was really struggling to catch my breath for the first lap. I did better on the second lap (sadly, I felt like I was hitting my stride right as I finished the second lap).

The run course was mostly dirt trails through the woods - it was a pleasant, shady run that meandered by the lake and it would've been incredibly enjoyable if I hadn't overhydrated and desperately needed to pee the whole time I was running! (Note to self - sometimes it's worth it to take the extra time during transition for a potty break!)

Overall, it was a fun race and a fun way to end my first tri season. The distances were similar to my first tri (the Danskin in June) and I shaved 15 minutes off my time, so it was a great way to mark my progress.

The race timers didn't break out the transitions, but I think the bike includes T1 and the run includes T2 (possibly the bike includes both T1 and T2):

750m swim 22:56
20k bike 1:00:33
5k run 37:52
Overall: 2:01:22 (my goal for this race was 2:05:00, so I'm very pleased with this time!)

Date: 2010-09-20 07:21 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] blnchflr
Tri sounds like such fun - I wish I had gotten into exercise earlier in my life, as currently I'm struggling enough getting in shape running. Congrats on beating your goal!


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