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Well, a pirate's too, on account of, you know, being married to one, but I dare say that things have changed since my dear one moved in with me and started taking over my life! :)

As you walk in, one of the first things you see in our roadbikes 69ing under the stairs in a nest of assorted bike-fixing stuff and the flight case that [personal profile] ell's bike, Ruby, actually fits inside. Mine, Randy, is actually a roadbike pretending hard not to be one, hence the straight handlebars. Someone's got to be straight in this household, and we (me, [personal profile] ell, two cats named Bruce and Ducard) have collectively decided it's going to be the bike.

Just a small selection of shoes... and yes, the cheap pool slippers are part of the arrangement. [personal profile] ell wears them while carrying the roadbike down the stairs because walking stairs in bike shoes with cleats is apparently dangerous. Something I have yet to look forward to as I'm nowhere near the stage of wanting to be attached to my bike yet :/

In the bathroom, the tub is home to our swimsuits, goggles, towels, and silicone swim caps. Silicone swim caps, by the way, are seriously FTW if one has as much hair as I do. Not pictured are the cats licking at the pool water dripping from the swimsuits.

This load of laundry, as so many others recently, is comprised almost entirely of sportswear. And I'm beginning to understand why the wife has three pairs of bike shorts. And that's not counting the tri shorts.

Even the kitchen is infested - viz. a congregation of water bottles, pretty much all of which are in constant use.

Lest you think we're as messy as our apartment - here's proof that there is indeed a plan! And an energy gel. And a high-powered headlight because long bikes rides can go well into the evening even at 50 degrees Northern latitude. Also pictured is the Garmin Forerunner that I like to call the Watch of OCDness because it dictates how far we run or bike, which occasionally results in amusing little loops of riding through residential areas because we have not yet achieved sufficient mileage to turn around and go back home...


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