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Let's talk about getting started as a triathlete!

1. What gear do you need to start training and to do your first event?

2. Do you have a recommended training routine?

3. Tell us about your first tri - what do you wish you'd known? What would/did you do differently next time?

4. Sprint or Oly for your first tri?

Date: 2010-09-05 03:55 pm (UTC)
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1. I went extremely light and beginner-friendly - swam in my sports bra and bikini bottoms, biked and ran in running shirt, running shorts, and running shoes. And, very importantly, sunglasses. If I do more of these things, I can see how a tri one-piece/combo would be convenient because it reduces the clothes-changing even more.

2. Nope. Most of my 'training' consisted of my usual 2-to-3-times-a-week runs, some of which I arbitrarily substituted with bike rides and swims depending on weather, timing, and whim. I figured that for a sprint distance, I would be able to finish without a rigid training plan, and I was right. If I were to do an Oly, a little more structure is probably called for...

3. See the post above this one :)

4. Definitely sprint - a 10K run is still a lot of running for me, and a 1400m swim is a lot of swimming. I'd have to seriously work up to doing both these in a row and riding my bike for an hour and a half inbetween too...


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